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Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol
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This 100% vegetable based waxy material is derived from palmitic acid (palm oil fatty acid).  It is widely used surfactant in shampoos and conditioners as a hair coating.  It is an emollient and helps to soften the skin.  It has emulsifying qualities and ideal used in combination with our emulsifying powder because it helps to stabilise the emulsion.

It also helps to thicken creams and give them firmness & consistency.  It is very similar to cetyl alcohol but the main observable difference is cetearyl alcohol tends to give more body to an emulsion than cetyl alcohol (which contributes thickiness to lighter emulsions) - as with cetyl alcohol, the optimum thickness is most usually observed a few days later. It is an excellent addition to anhydrous products (such as body butters and balms) to improve thickness and conditioning/skin-feel properties.

Best used in combination with our emulsifying powder.

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