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Pucker Lip Lube
I love to feel a very slight oily film on my lips that gives a lovely natural shine.  It's easy to make and contains absolutely no petro-chemicals, only vitamin-packed skin loving ingredients.  I use it all the time day and night and have got through two winters now without any dryness or soreness.  You might want to experiment with the recipe to find a consistency that's right for you...  

You will need:

  • 1g Coconut oil.
  • 2g Cocoa butter.
  • 1g Shea butter.
  • 1g Beeswax or Olive wax (a vegan alternative)
  • 5g Sweet almond oil.
  • 5-8 drops of essential oil or flavouring.
  • Small lip balm jar.

This recipe makes just over 10g but to make more, simply increase the amounts accordingly!

Melt the beeswax, butters and oil together in non-aluminium bowl over a pan of simmering water (Bain-Marie).  

When completely melted, allow to cool for a few minutes then add your essential oil or flavouring and stir well

Pour into your jar and allow to cool completely.  


Harder Balm:  To make your lip lube harder and more like a balm, use more beeswax and less oil.  Harder lip balms are best poured into lip balm cylinders.

Softer Lube:  To make your lip lube softer and more like the consistency of petroleum jelly, use more oil & less beeswax.  Soft lip lubes are not suitable for lip balm cylinders and are best poured into jars or tins.

Flavours:  Some people like to add honey for its flavour & its beneficial properties, but I must confess, I have not tried this so it would be interesting to hear how others who have tried it got on.

Peppermint essential oil is quite a favourite of mine because it not only gives a slight minty taste, it also has a very slight cooling effect which is quite refreshing.  Orange essential oil is also quite nice although it can be sensitising, especially when exposed to UV/Sunlight.  As for synthetic flavours, I have to confess, I am not a fan and have never used them preferring to use more natural ingredients but would love to hear from those that have.

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