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Breast Growth In Boys?

First published on Fresholi 09.07.07

In a recent study in the US, links have been made with the use of products formulated with Lavender and Tea Tree and abnormal breast growth in young boys.

It suggests that products such as gels, shampoos, creams and lotions etc...  seems to trigger a chemical reaction in pre-puberty boys leading to breast growth, known as prepubertal gynecomastia (a rare condition).

The study centred on three boys aged seven to ten years old who each used products containing Lavender & Tea Tree and each developed the condition.  It was discovered that pure lavender and tea tree can mimic the action of estrogens while inhibiting the action of the androgens.  This disrupts the endocrine system in a unique way that leads to an increase of estrogen levels and thus breast growth.

Although these results are interesting, much further research is needed to pinpoint the exact chemical within these oils that trigger's it, parents of boys diagnosed with the condition are advised to check product ingredients for lavender and tea tree to rule out possible triggers.  Another thing this highlights is the power of essential oils applied topically.  This said, it is important to point out there seems to be no long-term effects on hormone levels in young boys.

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