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Jumping On The Back Of The Giants!

When trying to compete with the ‘big boys’ (or ‘girls’), let’s face it, we humble Indies don’t stand a chance.  Largely speaking, we Indies are passionate about what we do with every molecule of our being and while the big cosmetic giants may also have passion, you have to ask, is it for the same reasons?  My guess is that their passion is money-driven rather more than anything else.  Passion & drive aside, here’s a question…

Could the humble hand-made-something-or-other ever compete in the market place with such giants?

Well erm…. Let’s think about this for a moment….  Hmm…  The  giant’s have a marketing budget of a gazillion pounds and the average Indie has…  well considerably less than this (most often). 

But then think about this for a moment.  Here you have giants ploughing copious amounts of cash on market awareness and publicity campaigns with the intention of changing or influencing the consumer’s behaviours & attitudes towards a brand, product or idea, and not just a few consumers, we are talking millions.  And it is this very thing that can actually facilitate the humble Indie’s business very nicely indeed.

You see, identifying the appropriate campaign and the message that these giants are trying to get across is really an invitation for the humble Indie to hitch a bit of a free ride.  Of course, like the consumer, you may have to adjust your own attitudes and apply a few strategies in keeping with this message but the rewards can be plentiful.

Just as an example…  One of the most influential cosmetic giants launches a campaign about a certain ingredient, lets say shea butter, to raise the consumer’s awareness about the enormous benefits that can be gained from using it in a certain way.  This creates a buzz among consumers driving them to go and buy that product.  We Indies can then jump on the back of this, create our own hot product to satisfy the consumer’s appetite generated by these giants (and we have the added advantage of a unique selling point in that it’s home made with absolute passion). 

So keep a close eye on the ‘big boys’ (or ‘girls’), watch the changing attitudes of the consumer and be poised and ready to jump on the back of the giants and enjoy the free ride!  Whoooeeee!!!!

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