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Perfect lip Balm

Thank you Fee for this wonderful submission!  It sounds fantastic, especially the 'lip plumping' part!  Thanks again!!

This is the greatest lip balm i've ever made!


2tsp Beeswax pellets

1tsp shea butter 2tsp refined cocoa butter

1tsp cocoa butter

1tsp jojoba oil

10 drops mint flavour oil (yes, it can be this strong, and it needs to be!!)

This should fill 4 tubes, and have a bit left over.

Melt oils and beeswax together either in the microwave, or on a double boiler. While you're doing this, add the mint flavour oil to the jojoba oil when the beeswax has melted, take away from the heat and work fast! Add oils together and stir. Pour into tubes. If you're tight like me, pour leftovers into empty lip balm pot thats kept for leftovers... leave for 30 seconds. reheat lip balm mixture top up tubes. Put tops on and put in the fridge for a couple of hours. This makes a lovely lip balm - its smooth and sets nicely. The mint gives it a great flavour and tingles as you use it - its almost lip plumping at the same time! It has a great sheen to it and lasts for ages. It is also lovely and moisturising! If you're going pour it into pots, use less beeswax and more jojoba, otherwise it won't melt enough onto your fingers to use.

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